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    Malaysia imposes preliminary safeguard duty on rebar imports

    23 Sep 2016
    The Malaysian government has announced the preliminary decision in its safeguard investigation regarding rebar imports into Malaysia. The government stated that there was an increase in imports of the products during the investigation period, which is from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2015, and the increase in imports has caused serious injury to the domestic industry in respect of the decline in market share, domestic sales in terms of value, profitability, negative cash flow and reduction in employment and wages.

    Accordingly, the preliminary safeguard duty rate for rebar imports stands at 13.42 percent. The final determination is scheduled to be made within approximately six months starting from September 26 this year. Turkey will be exempt from the preliminary safeguard duty.

    The investigation was launched in May this year upon the complaint lodged by Malaysia Steel Association (MSA).

    The products in question currently fall under Customs Tariff Statistics Position Numbers 7214.10.210, 7214.10.290, 7214.10.910, 7214.10.990, 7214.20.210, 7214.20.290, 7214.20.910, 7214.20.990, 7214.30.100, 7214.30.900, 7214.99.210, 7214.99.290, 7214.99.910, 7214.99.990, 7228.10.100, 7228.10.900, 7228.20.100, 7228.20.900, 7228.30.100, 7228.30.900, 7228.40.100, 7228.40.900, 7228.50.100, 7228.50.900, 7228.60.100, 7228.60.900, 7228.80.100, 7228.80.910 and 7228.80.990.
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