Barcode Steel Tracking System


    Production Steel Tracking System

    Unlike other steel fabricators, Zoom Steel offers the ability to uniquely identify each piece of steel with a barcode system. Simply scan the barcode to receive information about your product, from weight to measurements and more - this is simply the most efficient way to keep track of your steel.

    Besides being easy to scan, the high quality barcode is sturdy and durable enough to withstand the harsh environment of the industry, giving customers greater satisfaction.

    Now both Zoom Steel and our customers can now quickly and accurately collect production data which increases productivity while capturing information.
    Barcode Steel   Barcode Steel
    Barcode Steel   Barcode Steel
    Our re-bar bending and cutting schedule allows our staff to effectively keep track of our steel product inventory and allows production managers to instantly identify and track any piece by scanning its barcode.

    The progress and development of thousands of individual pieces can be monitored and controlled as they move through the production process.

    Barcode Steel Tracking System

    Barcode Steel Tracking System
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